Feasibility Studies by Kensal Handling The Kensal Handling Systems team can review your requirements and existing facilities and produce a feasibility report on how your company can:-

  • Increase output from existing equipment by improvement to control systems.
  • Make recommendations on line upgrades to maximise existing equipment.
  • Replace outdated pieces of equipment with more efficient or new plant.
  • Relocate plant, where required, to enable staff to operate more efficiently.
  • Keep up to date with packaging technology.

Are Your Production Lines Meeting Their Performance Requirements? 

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever that Packaging Lines are operating as integrated systems that maximise throughput and have minimum operator intervention and down time.

This can only be achieved by having a fully balanced and properly controlled system, taking into account the following:-

Individual machine characteristics, such as design speeds, under/over speed capacities, material flow, and operator intervention.

Effective control between machines and the accumulation on the conveyors to meet individual machine production demands can be incorrectly set.

The frequency of operator intervention due to those inefficiencies in the machine and conveyor systems should be designed out.

Ensure that the design and flexibility of the individual machines and conveyor systems handle not only fast and reliable change over, but also assist a rapid restart achieving consistent operating efficiencies.

New machines added to a line must be installed to suit the overall line efficiency requirements. Too many times it can be seen that, although the new machine has an over speed capacity, it does not get a chance to operate as part of the system due to the infeed or discharge conveyors not being designed to suit the requirements.

Overall control philosophy for the system or individual machines, and their relationship effects that can cause downtime and reduce efficiency.

Increasing marketing requirements for changes of bottles and packaging placing a further strain on achieving the desired production efficiencies. Unless these changes are either 'designed in' or the system is modified to suit the various changes, there is a great danger that the desired efficiencies will not be achieved. For Example:-

    • A bottle with a larger diameter will reduce the live operating storage on a production line causing frequent stopping and starting.
    • Various pack size changes will similarly affect the packaging end of the line with either too little or too much accumulation/pressure on the end of line equipment, thus reducing output.

These are only a few of the problems which will stop a production line from operating at its full potential. If you are not achieving your production objectives on a regular basis, why not contact us and we can jointly evaluate how your production objectives can be achieved.

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